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Nick Diaz Reveals His Favourite Fighter On The Current UFC Roster And His Pick Is Quite Surprising

Nick Diaz has revealed to the fans his personal favourite fighter on the UFC’s current roster and no, it’s not his brother Nate or Gilbert Melendez.

Diaz, who fights out of Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu in California, reached something of a crossroads in his life as a mixed martial artist this year. Despite the fact that he is completely free to re-enter the UFC and resume his career after his frankly ridiculous suspension, for reasons that are only completely clear to him he hasn’t yet made himself available for a fight. With names such as Robbie Lawler and Demian Maia discussed (and reportedly even offered to him) as a comeback fight, Nick appears content to stand firm in his refusal to sign on the dotted line.

His last four fights came against some of the biggest stars that the UFC’s welterweight and middleweight divisions had to offer and for him, to return for anything less than a lucrative payday and marquee name just wouldn’t be enough to coax him out of his self-imposed hiatus.

With dance partners such as BJ Penn, Georges St-Pierre, Carlos Condit and Anderson Silva now etched onto his résumé, it does appear as though the elder Diaz brother is waiting for the stars to align before he steps into the octagon for another appearance.

In recent times, however, he has been just about as open and ever-present in the media as we’ve seen him in a long while. Despite having not competed in MMA since his unanimous decision loss (later ruled as a no-contest) to the former champ Silva in 2015, Nick’s time spent in the public eye has been consistent and in the last few months, he has been part of several interviews in which he gave his fans a real insight into his life, his past and his motivation to fight.

In one such recent interview, Diaz was part of a rather humorous chat with famed rapper and A-list celebrity Snoop Dogg on the latest edition of his GGN News video podcast, where the Stockton native spoke on many things, including his controversial ban, his history and future as a martial artist and, interestingly, his favourite fighter on the UFC roster.

“Maybe Carlos Condit. He’s a nice guy. Stylistically though, I’ve always liked Carlos Condit cause at least he amounted to somewhat of the level of doing what I do. I mean, I do think he stands a little upright.”

Diaz met Condit at UFC 143 in what was an enthralling interim title bout, and though ‘The Natural Born Killer’ was awarded the unanimous decision victory on the night, it was a very close fight that divided fans down the middle. Diaz eventually went on to face then-champion Georges St-Pierre anyway but came away from that match-up in defeat also.

With several big names reportedly interested and the fighting future of the aforementioned Condit presently as up in the air as Diaz’s, then who knows! We may yet get to see the rematch between these two electric strikers.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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