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Nick Diaz Confirms That He’s Working Towards Return

The former Strikeforce welterweight champion has confirmed that he is actively working towards his return following a lengthy absence from the octagon.

Yesterday came the news that the charges being levelled against Nick Diaz were being dropped following a period of uncertainty surrounding him and his fighting future.

And while it wasn’t exactly clear whether the ongoing case was playing a factor in his recent absence from competition, but with him now completely in the clear – he released a statement via his Twitter, thanking his fans for their support during this process.

Diaz was facing three felony charges after being accused of domestic battery by strangulation and substantial battery harm.

However, the general consensus during the court date was that the victim’s account was inconsistent. Nick’s attorney Ross Goodman spoke to MMAJunkie shortly after proceedings to explain the situation.

“I think ultimately they knew that it was going to be a fiasco for them, and I was going to finally get to cross-examine, and all the different versions of the events would have become clear.

“The fact that she didn’t sustain any injuries that supported the charges would have become evident, and I had texts from her shortly thereafter to other people, showing that she just wanted to have a meeting with Nick, and that she wasn’t injured, and she was in control of the case.

“It was clear that she was motivated for other reasons, which is consistent with all the other inconsistencies and contradictions. I think she was just going to be exposed, and they wanted to avoid that.”

It’s hard to know what this means for Diaz and the possibility of an immediate return but even still, this remains a positive step in the right direction for the fan-favourite.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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Author: Cillian Cunningham

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