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Nate Diaz’s Coach Makes Bizarre Substance Abuse Allegations Towards Conor McGregor

Richard Perez has made some pretty outlandish allegations aimed at the UFC’s lightweight champion Conor McGregor during a radio appearance earlier today.

Rivalries in combat sports often give completely new meaning to the word ‘animosity’ but there are few that we have seen in the last decade that come close that the tension that exists between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz.

Ever since their first meeting at UFC 196 all the way back in March of 2016, these two have been gunning for each other with the type of aggression that has seen their complex relationship morph into one of the most memorable in the history of mixed martial arts. Now, with two fights in the bag, the score stands at one apiece and though fans are clamouring to see their long-awaited rubber match, McGregor is, of course, busy right now as he prepares, once again, for the biggest fight of his life, something he has found himself doing in pretty much every fight camp he has undergone in recent years.

Diaz, on the other hand, is in something of a standoff with the UFC and though fans are dying to see him back inside the octagon, he seems more than happy just to sit back and wait for the right fight or the right paycheck to come along.

His boxing coach, the famed Richard Perez, appeared on BJPenn Radio to discuss the divisive topic that is Mayweather/McGregor and though he has seen his own fighter eat quite a few left-hands from the Irishman in their pair of fights, he still maintains that Conor’s puncher’s chance is near non-existent against a fighter of Floyd’s calibre.

During the same interview, he levelled some accusations at the ‘Notorious’ one that have seemingly come completely out of the left-field, ones relating to some possible foul play on his part, something that may well hit a nerve when it reaches the ears of the UFC’s lightweight champion.

No, he doesn’t have a punchers chance, and he gasses out. I don’t care how hard he trains. They’ve got to watch out for him, because he’s probably going to take the substance that he did when he [fought] with Nathan, that woke him up. I know they’re taking tests, but they’ve got to be careful with that because he will do it. There’s no way he’s going to do this without taking any substances, and be strong in boxing, because boxing is a lot of stamina.”

Oh yeah, they even said it to me afterwards, it was awhile after the fight, that they did find him taking some substance. But they didn’t do anything to him. It was after the fight, probably a couple months after the fight, they brought it up about him. The last fight, it was the last fight that Nathan fought him.”

Not willing to leave it at that, Perez went one step further and questioned the validity of McGregor’s weightgain during the jump from featherweight to welterweight when he first fought Diaz at UFC 196.

“When you think about it, a guy at 145 moving up to 170 the first time, he bulked up in muscle, that’s not going to happen. You’re going to have some fat in you cause you’re short. You’re not going to be all muscle like that. I even said, when Nathan first fought him, when they called him, I said, ‘look, he’s got to be on some kind of steroids or substance.’”

“And when Nathan asked, he got really upset about it. If it had been me, I would have been laughing about it. I would have been like ‘yeah steroids, yeah, yeah,’ but he was really mad, he was angry. So that speaks for itself right there. Mayweather and them really need to have that guy checked.”

“After the last fight, I read it, it’s not steroids, it’s something that bulks you up, I forget what it’s called. It’s illegal, still you can’t use it in the UFC, even in boxing you can’t use it. So I guess now that’s why they’re both being tested every week. I’m not sure how true that is.”

Hard to know what to make of all of this given the sheer lunacy of this allegations but, of course, given the turbulent history that these two fighters share, perhaps it may well be best to take this one with a pinch of salt.

Or perhaps a small bucketfull.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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Author: Cillian Cunningham

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