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Nate Diaz Receives Fine A Fraction Of The Size Of Conor McGregor’s For UFC 202 Presser Incident

McGregor and Diaz face off at a press-conference for UFC 202

At long last, the entire UFC 202 ‘water-bottle’ incident is now firmly in the past. With McGregor having received his fine of $150,000 a few weeks ago, now, Nate Diaz has been issued his own fine, one which seemingly pales in comparison to the punishment given to the Notorious one.

Diaz and McGregor were both scheduled to take part in the traditional pre-fight press conference just before UFC 202 on August 17th and for a while, things seemed to be going to plan.

McGregor – as usual – turned up late to the conference and despite some slight verbal sparring between himself and Nate, nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary that evening. That was until Nate decided to remove himself from the presser, leaving the stage only to return moments later with a crew of his Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu teammates, including the likes of Jake Shields and his brother Nick Diaz.

McGregor, who was still on stage, traded some shouted profanities with the group who had walked around the back of the audience towards the exit. Soon enough, the scenes turned to absolute chaos with several projectiles being fired between both parties. The conference ended abruptly and McGregor was restrained before leaving the stage.

Conor’s punishment, which was given to him long before now, was one totaling $150,000 and 50 hours of community service, something he refused to deliver, as well as making the promise that he would never fight in Nevada again.

Now, with Nate’s hearing in the past, it has emerged that his fine amounted to a third of Conor’s, with it totaling just $50,000 altogether, with the same amount of community service hours. Though this is merely due to the fact that the fine was set at 2.5% of each respective fighter’s purse, it will still no doubt draw outrage from those who felt Conor’s fine was too high, especially when one considers the fact that the first object was thrown by Diaz’s party.

Nate has not made any official statement on the matter.

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