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Myles Price Unfazed By His Role In “Biggest Fight In Irish MMA History”

Team Ryano veteran Myles Price is keeping his eyes on the prize despite the fact that his fight with Peter Queally has been called the biggest in Irish MMA history.

Coach John Kavanagh was among the first to elevate the Bellator Dublin co-main event to this level, citing the uniquely relevant narrative that has formed between the two as a real propellor for the stakes.

Price garnered quite a bit of attention in recent times after posting a photo of himself training with UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov ahead of the Russian’s UFC 229 showdown with Myles’ own former SBG teammate Conor McGregor.

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As you would expect, the reaction was one that saw Price come under quite a bit of fire from those with ties to the Irish superstar and now, with a showdown against Conor’s friend and sparring partner Peter Queally in the Bellator Dublin co-main event, there is the sense that there will be some real fireworks in the 3Arena on Saturday night.

Speaking to us here at Pundit Arena MMA during a recent media event ahead of Bellator 217, Myles made it clear that this fight, while no doubt a big one, is as big of an occasion in his mind that any of the other contests he has taken part in.

Asked if the event feels like the biggest of his career, Price had this to say:

“It does and it doesn’t. I know I’m going to have to fight again after this, which is going to be the biggest fight.

“Every fight is the biggest fight of your career. No matter what the illusion of the media around it is. I know that every fight is as important as the last. From an external point of view, yes for sure, of course with the publicity around the fight, it’s the biggest fight of my career.

“But in my mind, it’s the same as any other fight and that’s the way it should be.”

As two of the card’s most experienced fighters, Price explained how seriously he is taking this fight, both due to the skillset of his opponent and as a result of the landmark event it has become within the sport’s growth on a national level.

“Yeah, we were meant to fight twice before. It’s great to finally get it in and get it done.

“It’s the same as any other fight to me. I think any other fighter that’s psychologically on point is more than likely going to be thinking like that. It’s a fight like any other. It could be at the start of a card, it could be at another show.

“It’s a massive promotion and it’s an honour to fight on Bellator. The hype behind the fight doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s still against a challenging opponent in a cage for three ‘fives’. I’m heading in to put on a performance and it’s that simple.

“I do agree, outside of what I feel about it, I do agree that it’s one of the biggest fights in Irish MMA history.”

Queally has been quite vocal about his opinions on his opponent in the run-up to this fight but upon speaking to Myles, it’s pretty clear that he is taking a somewhat calmer response to the drama.

“You’re going to naturally feel that animosity because there’s somebody that’s trying to say discrediting things about you that you don’t necessarily agree with. That’s his opinion. I don’t judge.

“If you have an opinion about me, that’s totally cool. I don’t take any heed to it. I don’t care really. He’s entitled to views om things and you’re entitled to yours and that’s it.”

myles price peter queally

As for his prediction for his matchup with ‘The Showstopper’, Price was vague but remained confident in his ability to get the job done.

“Getting the win. He’s a tough guy and he’s able to go three rounds. He’s able to go three hard rounds as well. I’ve gone three hard rounds in a lot of my fights so let’s see who comes out the better end.

“If the opening is there I’ll take it for a finish.”

Watch Bellator 217: Gallagher vs. Graham live on Sky Sports Main Event and Action on Saturday, Feb. 23 from 9pm. Preliminary bouts will stream globally on the Bellator Mobile App.

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Author: Cillian Cunningham

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