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Your Weekly MMA Leftovers #1: ft. Fake Conor, Johnny Walker & More

The world of mixed martial arts can be an equal-parts weird and wonderful place so here are a few leftover highlights that caught our eye in the past week.

A ‘Fake McGregor’ that left the world in a collective state of confusion

If he simply looked like the former two-weight world champion, it would have been a lot easier to dismiss this. Modeling your look on the most recognizable fighter in the sport is understandable, I suppose.

But when Maurice Adorf stepped into the cage for his second-professional outing in MMA, the world was instantly drawn in by his blatant imitation of the Irishman – in both his demeanour and fighting style.

Take a look and judge for yourself.

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Ben Askren’s masterful debut on the mic

When Askren signed for the UFC after a career spent competing on the global circuit, those in-the-know were well aware of his abilities on the mic and when he took to the stage for his first official press conference in his new home, he certainly did not disappoint.

Calling out his fellow master grappler Khabib Nurmagomedov, Askren pleaded with Dana White to set it up in a rather unique fashion.

“America/Russia is always a great storyline. It always is. Since the Cold War. [To Dana] Think about that, think about how it sells.

“By that point we’re going to have 20-0 Ben Askren vs. 27-0 Khabib. Someone’s ‘0’ has got to go. America vs. Russia.

“I will get on his back and chant ‘USA!’.”

Stealing the show on a stage filled with more established UFC stars, Askren’s back-and-forth with UFC president Dana White and the underlying tension between the two was another hilarious highlight.

Ali Abdelaziz completely misses the mark on Tony Ferguson

Tony Ferguson is one of the most interesting characters on the UFC’s roster today.

Love him or hate him, it’s hard not to be entertained to some degree every time he opens his mouth and for that reason, we have no idea how famed manager Ali Abdelaziz managed to settle on ‘boring’ and ‘like a blank piece of paper’ as adequate descriptions of the man who stands as his own fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov’s greatest rival.

“I don’t think Tony deserves to fight Khabib. He doesn’t man, he sucks. Brother it doesn’t matter. Khabib would fight him, but at the end of the day I think Tony Ferguson is like a white chick, because he has no spices to him no character to him.

“He got cheap ass sunglasses on. What he represent? He represent nothing. Tony Ferguson don’t represent nothing. This guy Conor, he represents something. He’s the biggest piece of sh*t scumbag in the whole planet. That’s who he is.

“What’s Tony represent? He’s like a blank piece of paper, he’s boring. He’s a good fighter but I think he’s over his time, his time has passed. He’s old and slow, and that’s it.”

And then there was this.

Johnny Walker, just in general

Everyone loves an eccentric character and while it may well be lightweight contender Tony Ferguson who rules in that category right now, Brazilian light-heavyweight Johnny Walker was the name on everyone’s lips both before and after UFC Fortaleza last weekend.

Of course, it would have all been for nothing had he not delivered inside the octagon.

And to be honest, knocking his opponent out in 15 seconds with a hook-kick/spinning back-fist combo might have been enough to make us forget about the whole thing if he didn’t just dip directly back into the bizarre once again afterwards.

Definitely a guy worth keeping an eye on.

Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson not fully closing the door on UFC heavyweight return

Rumble may still be the pound-for-pound hardest puncher the sport has ever known but unfortunately for us, he called time on his career in the middle of his fighting prime.

Now two years removed from his UFC 210 farewell, Johnson admitted that he could well make a return – this time to the UFC heavyweight division, a staggering jump considering his time spent at 170lbs.

“If the price is right, anything can happen. He [Dana White] knows that when the time is right, we’ll talk about it. But right now, the time just isn’t right. There’s no point. (via Bloody Elbow)

“If I’m gonna do it I wanna do it at heavyweight. Everybody can eat, be fat, and happy and go out there and slug it out and see what happens.”

Sheeptime Pettis? 

In 2010, future UFC champion Anthony ‘Showtime’ Pettis well and truly lived up to his billing as he vaulted off of the WEC cage to knock down Benson Henderson with a technique that is now commonly known as the Showtime kick.

In 2019, the move has been taken to the next level.

A bit of self-depreciation from the baddest man on the planet

DC has caught quite a bit of stick from the fans for his emotional UFC 214 post-fight interview with Joe Rogan. Visibly distraught after losing in brutal fashion to his greatest rival, the internet predictably had a field day with stills of the heartbroken future heavyweight champion at his most vulnerable.

Well, it does now appear as though Cormier is at least willing to poke fun at himself – something that will have no doubt become easier after the three stoppage victories he has picked up since.

And to conclude, an admittedly surprising piece of perspective.

For a bonus, we’ll just leave these here, given that UFC 234 is happening this week.

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