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Mike Perry Defeats Cowboy, Calls For Darren Till Matchup

Mike Perry proved himself to be among the finest action fighters in the welterweight division with a Fight Of The Night winning effort against Alex Oliveira.

And what a fight it was!

Both men, possessing huge power in their punches, kicks, knees and elbows, went to war for three-rounds at UFC Fort Lauderdale – testing each other in a bout that well and truly lived up to the expectations that we had for it going in.

Oliveira seemed to be gained some serious momentum through the first round but as time went on, it was the conditioning, pressure and power of Mike Perry that saw him through.

In the end, Perry won it out on the judges’ scorecards in his biggest win inside the UFC octagon to date.

Speaking post-fight, he detailed the gruesome weight-cut that had been a serious strain on him in the leadup to this victory.

“I was thinking about that weight cut, and, like, a couple of days ago I was like, I was like I wanted to die. I hate this so much, everything about it. It’s just so terrible. And now I’m like on top of the world, you know?

“I’m always ready to fight. I get in there every time with bumps and bruises; you’re never 100 percent. I definitely enjoy drinking water and juices and sodas and eating again, and I put back on 19 pounds, and I haven’t put that much weight back on in a weight cut in awhile. So in a way, I did my weight cut kind of good, because I put more on, and it made me feel more strong in there tonight.” (via MMAJunkie)

As for the win itself, it seems as though the powerful contender had as much fun in there fighting as we did watching it.

“It was fun, it was a good time, and I got the ‘W’ at the end of the day, and it was important. I was definitely telling myself before the fight, I was like, ‘Man, the people are behind me, and I failed them a couple of times.’ I wouldn’t say ‘failed them,’ but I’ve lost.

“So I was really looking to get the win tonight. It would have been better by KO, they would have been behind me more, but as long as … all I heard was people enjoyed the fight, it was a good fight, that’s what I’m here to do, man, bring entertainment.”

Calling out the former title-challenger Darren Till, Perry put forth the idea of a clash between the two as the logical next step for the UFC matchmakers.

“I think the Darren Till fight is a good fight. He’s called me out in the octagon, I just called him out in the octagon. I think that’s good press for the UFC to put together. The fight makes sense. I used to not want to call people out who were coming off a loss, but you know, once you’re up on the top and you got that number next to your name, I’m going to need that spot.”

Till is certainly in the process of overcoming a rough patch in his own career having lost two fights in a row as well as a recent arrest in Tenerife that had many people worrying about his current state of mind.

If he can address the issues that have been plaguing him in recent weeks, though, a showdown with Mike Perry would no doubt be an excellent test for his future ambitions at 170lbs.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena


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Author: Cillian Cunningham

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