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Michael Venom Page: I’m Not Taking Richard Kiely Seriously At All

Michael ‘Venom’ Page was not in the slightest bit hesitant in telling the media exactly how he feels about his Bellator Dublin opponent Richard Kiely.

And, of course, MVP was always going to play up the level of disinterest he has in this bout – something that serves the purpose of keeping Kiely’s relentless trash-talking to a certain extent but even still, their back-and-forth at yesterday’s Bellator Dublin press conference did enough to generate some decent buzz behind the fight.

Speaking to the media in the wake of his brief altercation with the SBG welterweight, Page used his platform to double down on the fact that he sees little-to-no way for Kiely to get the win.

“I see him as a joke, full stop.

“Everything about him, his whole career in MMA seems funny to me. He’s…I don’t know what his record is again. Like, 3-1 or 4-1? But he’s already retired and come back.

“Everything about him as a fighter is a joke, and he kind of plays up to it on stage.” (viaMMAFighting)

Upon being asked if the fight was merely set up to provide him with the opportunity to showcase his skills, his answer was something of an emphatic ‘yes’.

“100%. I’m just happy I get to do it in Dublin. It’s just gonna be amazing. I’m coming back off a loss myself. It’d be good to make a little bit of noise and then get back to serious work.

“I’m not deterring my training away, but I’m not taking him seriously enough to even analyze him in any way, shape, or form.”

While Kiely is understandably a massive underdog heading into this fight, Page needs to be very, very conscious of complacency with this one.

As a highly experienced kickboxer who has shown the ability to finish fights, one moment of brilliance is all it will take for the Irishman to shoot himself directly into the forefront of the mainstream – an idea we expanding on more in an article you can read here.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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