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Michael Bisping On Which Diaz Brother Is The Better Fighter

The former middleweight champion of the world has chimed in with his pick of the two Diaz brothers, following speculation linking him to a fight with Nick.

You know it’s a sad time for the sport of mixed martial arts when neither of the brothers Diaz have been particularly active and while there is every chance that we see one or even both of them in action within the next year or two, there hasn’t exactly been much in the way of movement that would support the possibility of an imminent return.

The funny thing is that despite their inactivity – especially in the case of Nick – the hype that would be generated by a comeback for either man will intensify the longer they stay out of competition. Each man is a bonafide superstar and while everyone has their favourite, both have made it pretty easy to be a fan over the years due to their high-octane style of fighting.

Michael Bisping, the former middleweight champion, has been linked to a retirement fight against the elder Diaz, Nick, in recent times and while it is unlikely that they will meet, that hasn’t stopped the Brit from hyping up this hypothetical matchup.

Speaking on the latest edition of his Believe You Me podcast, Bisping stressed his admiration for both and compared them as fighters and while he by no means was critical of Nate, there was only one winner in his mind.

“Nick Diaz has been around forever, he has had some amazing legendary fights. Look at what he did to Paul Daley. Outboxed him. Stood toe-to-toe with him, had him backed up against the fence, knocked him out, dropped him.

“The submission over Gomi in PRIDE. He did the gogoplata. Knocked out Robbie Lawler. Nick is as old-school as they get in every sense of the term, as a personality, as a fighter, he’s got old-school values.

“He went five-rounds with Anderson Silva, which is not an easy thing to do. I think Nick is the better fighter. He’s the bigger version, he has better boxing.

Both Diaz’s are very good fighters, I enjoy them both, I like them both.”

Most would agree, in truth. Nick’s reign as the Strikeforce welterweight champion contained in it some of the most entertaining bouts we have ever seen in the sport and while Nate’s legendary duo of matchups of Conor McGregor was a true highlight, between May 2006 and 2011, Nick went 16-1 (I’m including the Gomi win) before dropping a trio of decision losses to Carlos Condit, Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva.

Nate, though a fantastic fighter, of course, never was able to put together that type of consistency over the course of his career but hopefully, each man will have another opportunity to make their case as we move further into 2018.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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Author: Cillian Cunningham

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