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Michael Bisping: Francis Ngannou Would Knock Jon Jones Out If They Fought

Michael Bisping has given his take on a showdown between heavyweight contender Francis Ngannou and the light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones. 

Ngannou’s stock is once again peaking after he scored his third consecutive first-round knockout to reestablish himself as the next-in-line for a shot at the divisional title.

With wins over Junior dos Santos, Cain Velasquez, and Curtis Blaydes in his back-pocket since losing in his first crack at the belt at UFC 220 – one would have to assume that his second attempt to win gold is all but confirmed once the owner of the strap is decided when Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic have their rematch at UFC 241.

If Ngannou does find himself in possession of the title at some point in the future, chances are he may be faced with a super-fight against the 205lb Jon Jones – who has spoken about the possibility of a move to heavyweight in the future.

According to the former middleweight champion Michael Bisping – a fight between Jones and Ngannou is one that may not play out as well for Bones and one might imagine.

Speaking during a recent edition of the Believe You Me podcast, Bisping predicted that The Predator would be able to continue his ongoing run of knockouts if he were to face off against the light-heavyweight champion.

“I can’t help but think that Francis Ngannou pretty much knocks out everybody right now. Of course, I think ‘DC’ would be the worst matchup. ‘DC’ would be the worst matchup because of the wrestling. And of course Stipe [Miocic] beat him as well, so we can’t do a disservice to Stipe.

“But I’ve got a feeling Ngannou would beat Jones. I just do. I know Jones is a good wrestler, he’s got a real nice, fast double leg entry. But I don’t know, I reckon Jones vs. Ngannou, Ngannou takes it.”

“I’m telling you, Ngannou connects with Jon Jones flush, Jones is going to sleep. That’s a fact. I’m sorry, I’m not being a hater on Jones for saying that. I’m being pro-Ngannou.”

Ngannou certainly has the power to knock anyone out if given the opportunity but I think it’s fair to say that the technical edge would be firmly in favour of Jones.

The physical attributes that have helped Jon find such great success a 205lbs would indeed be matched, and in many ways, surpassed by Francis if they were to fight but the longevity of Jones’ run has been helped most by his incredible ability to make reads and adjust accordingly – a skill that could well be a major factor if they fought.

As we all know, though, it does not take long for Ngannou to find his target.

Whether we ever see this fight become a reality or not is anyone’s guess.

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