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Michael Bisping Thinks McGregor Would Be ‘B-Side’ In Diaz Trilogy

Michael Bisping has stressed his belief that Conor McGregor would now be on the B-side to Nate Diaz after the Stockton-native’s recent resurgence in popularity.

Speaking during a recent edition of his Believe You Me podcast, the former middleweight champion explained his take on the current standing of both fighters within the eyes of the public.

Citing a matchup between Nate and Jorge Masvidal as a more significant clash, he made his preference for that fight over McGregor/Diaz III clear.

“I’d say a bigger fight right now. Well maybe not bigger, but to a casual fan I don’t know Masvidal’s pretty big right now. Look at what he just did.

“Conor would be the B-side in that fight right now.”

Explaining himself further, The Count went on to praise Nate for the manner in which he bounced back from a three-year lay-off to re-establish himself as both a contender and a marketable face within the promotion.

Going as far as to say that Diaz is even more popular than McGregor, Bisping commended the welterweight on his ability to ability to stick it to the UFC without completely undoing their working relationship.

“In terms of popularity, I don’t know, I think [Nate] Diaz may have surpassed him. He played that perfectly. He took three years away from the sport, came back, didn’t get the push from the UFC. Kind (of) like went up against the UFC, he was kinda that guy and came out on top.”

“He won that battle, he was sensational, the fight was fantastic. The performance was great, he handled himself in a way that people love. He’s real, he’s authentic.”

Diaz’s stock has certainly gone through the roof after bringing the house down at UFC 241 and now, with his genius call-out of Jorge Masvidal post-fight, he has put himself in the perfect position to have a very lucrative year.



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