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Watch: Michael Bisping’s Idea For Vitor Belfort’s Retirement Fight Is Absolutely Hilarious

UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping is a man known just as much for his colourful personality as he is for his achievements inside the octagon and now, during a recent podcast appearance, he spoke briefly on the career of the Phenom, Vitor Belfort.

Michael Bisping fancies himself as a bit of a ‘legend-killer’ these days having seen off both Dan Henderson and Anderson Silva in recent times but despite the fact that he is scheduled to face the returning Georges St-Pierre at some point this year, he may well have saved his most vicious assault for a former foe of his.

Vitor Belfort, who was on the receiving end of a first-round loss to Kelvin Gastelum last weekend, announced his plan to retire after one more professional bout. Belfort has seen himself go 1-4 in his last four matchups and after losing each contest by way of knockout, looks set to call it a day on what has been a truly amazing career.

He, of course, faced off against the champ Bisping in 2013, winning the bout via second-round TKO but despite this, a 2014 test showed him to have heightened levels of testosterone, something the Count was quick to address on a recent appearance on the Believe You Me podcast in the wake of the Phenom’s announcement.

“Vitor, you know, you’ve got to give the guy credit. He was the heavyweight champion back in the day… juiced out of his mind. He was the light-heavyweight champion back in the day… juiced out of his mind, of course. And he went on an absolute tear in the middleweight division and you know, you got to give him credit for that. But was he juiced out of his mind? Absof**king-lutely!”

Hilarious as always from the Englishman but despite the ‘credit’ given by him to the legendary Brazilian, Bisping went one step further and put forth his own idea for Belfort’s retirement fight and it’s just as hilarious as you would expect.

“You know what I would like? I would like Vitor to have to go out there and face some young kid who’s roided out of his mind. Just to let him know what it’s like. You know what I mean? Stick him in there with somebody down in Brazil who’s still in the system who’s roided out of his mind and has just got super-powers because of his steroids.”

I’m not sure how far Bisping will get with this one but regardless of that, it’s a pretty interesting idea from the man whose own MMA career has seen him establish himself as one of the sport’s most outspoken anti-PED athletes.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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