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McGregor’s Training Partner Dillon Danis Believes He Would Submit Jon Jones In Under 8-Minutes

In one of the stranger rivalries to emerge in recent times, Dillon Danis has fired back at the UFC’s former light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones, claiming he would make short work of him if they ever met in a grappling contest.

The brash personality of Dublin’s Conor McGregor has seemingly started to rub off on his SBG Ireland teammates (with the exception of Gunnar Nelson perhaps). Recently, his Brazilian jiu-jitsu coach Dillon Danis grabbed the headlines when he put himself forward for a grappling match-up with the former-UFC champion Jon Jones, in a very ‘McGregor-esque’ fashion.

With the currently-suspended Jones looking for challenges in the grappling world to keep him busy until he can compete in MMA again, it would perhaps make sense to some people that he take on someone like Danis, who has ties to a big-name in MMA and a level of skill in BJJ that would maybe make the size difference between the two less of a factor. Recently, however, in an interview with Fight Hub TV  Jones made a point of dismissing the SBG-talent outright, with him stating the following.

“He’s a lot smaller than me, so already going into that grappling match there is not much to gain. I just beat Henderson and I was a lot bigger than him. I think right now people would like to see me go up against somebody that is bigger than me just to have a different challenge. But him telling me to beg him was just kind of a douchy thing to do. I felt like I was already in a situation where I had not much to gain, not many people know who he is. I just felt he was kind of being a douchebag and I’m not even going to entertain you.”

‘Bones’ seemingly has bigger fish to fry with this one, but that hasn’t stopped Danis from taking to the latest edition of Submission Radio to give us his own opinion on how a grappling contest between the two of them would go down.

“I think in a match with him, I think that I would submit him in under eight minutes. He’s too sloppy with his body and the way he moves. I think I would catch him pretty easily actually. He’s a good athlete and stuff, but I can see him disengaging and stuff and not coming forward because when you’re coming through a high-level black belt guard, it’s not the same as MMA.”

“As for me being smaller than him – in the last Polaris I beat a guy that was a world champion and probably weighs about the same as him or maybe heavier, and has been doing Jiu-Jitsu since he was probably five-years-old in Brazil. So it doesn’t make any sense. If you see it, you can see in his voice he’s kind of trembling and kind of trying to think of excuses to make. So, it’s just that he just doesn’t want to lose.”

Following up from there, Danis then took to his official Instagram page to throw another dig at the UFC’s youngest ever champion, posting a picture of the pair together at an undisclosed earlier date.

It’s hard to see an actual match-up between these two ever being signed but I suppose if you consider the times we live in, you can’t blame Danis for trying to conjure up some hype and build his own star-power, especially given the fact that he has stated in the past that he is preparing for a switch to the world of mixed-martial arts at some point in the near future.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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