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Khabib & McGregor’s Bizarre Twitter Conversation From 2014

Article originally published August 4, 2018.


Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor had a very friendly back and forth in 2014 via Twitter and reading it in 2018 is simply bizarre.

‘My man!’

‘Let’s do it brother.’

Not exactly words fit for your enemy but in 2014, when Nurmagomedov was a rising lightweight and McGregor was plying his trade at 145lbs, how would they ever know how things would eventually turn out?

It was a time long before the titles, the dollies, and the other catches that come with being a bonafide star. It is sobering to see these two engage in relatively mild conversation given all that has happened in the intervening years.

Here’s what went down between ‘The Eagle’ and ‘The Notorious’.

The fans, at the time, thought they were about to get MMA’s newest dynamic duo.

It’s actually astonishing to read some of these.

Given that the two have since engaged in a messy public feud followed by UFC title fight that was riddled with tension and ultimately boiled over into the crowd, it is astonishing to see how these two great athletes seemingly had a tonne of respect for one another.

The pair’s rivalry was recently reignited when McGregor called out Nurmagomedov on Twitter for pulling out of his UFC 249 title defence against Tony Ferguson.

“The fact of this matter is, both Tony and Khabib where engaged in a game of chicken here towards the fight bell. With Khabib chickening out first. Making it 3-2 in pullouts in Tony’s favour. Khab scurried out of the U.S to home, and amid the crisis. Very high risk. Congrats Tony.”

The UFC lightweight champion has since responded in kind telling ESPN earlier this month that McGregor is the only ‘chicken’ in their three-way rivalry including Ferguson.

“What happened October 6, 2018? When you have six months training camp, you do everything you can, you come inside the cage, you talk a lot of bad things before the fight, six months you train very hard, you come inside the cage and tap like chicken.

“When I’m going to be here, Tony [Ferguson] is maximum interim champ, Conor always going to be No. 2, he never can do nothing with me. Inside the cage, he’s zero. Like when we fight, what’d he do? He do zero. Okay, everybody talk about his standup, I give him all round, I stand with him.”

It’s clear these two are never going to be ‘friends’ again.

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Author: Cillian Cunningham

Lead mixed martial arts writer who can be contacted at [email protected]