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Marlon Moraes Explains His UFC 238 Defeat To Henry Cejudo

Marlon Moraes has explained the issues and general mistakes that led to his third-round TKO defeat to the UFC flyweight champion Henry Cejudo.

Speaking in a post-fight interview (via MMA Junkie), the former WSOF champion outlined exactly where he felt he went wrong over the course of the fight’s three-round duration.

“I just messed up. I got out of the game plan, and that’s what happened. I just did what I shouldn’t do.

“In the fight, he hit me, I hit him back, and we started to brawl a little bit. That was one of the biggest things on the game plan from my coaches – don’t brawl, you’re faster. Just throw the combinations and don’t overload the punches.

“[But] that’s what I did, and I paid for it.”

As for the stoppage, which came just moments before the end of the third round, Moraes gave credit to the veteran referee Marc Goddard for the call and made no complaints about the fight being declared for Cejudo and then.

“Man, I couldn’t defend myself well, but I think I was just tired. [Marc Goddard] took care of me. I think [after] a couple more seconds, I could get back for the fourth round.

“But it was my fault. I have nothing [bad] to say about the referee.”

It doesn’t really seem as though Moraes has lost too much of his shine on the back of this defeat. On the surface, yes, a TKO loss is never a good look but all in all, the Brazilian’s physical and technical skills were all on display.

A few minor tweaks and calculations in his preparation and gameplan and there’s no doubt that this incredibly powerful bantamweight contender will be very much back in the mix before too long.

In the wake of UFC 238’s memorable main-event, we assessed this latest achievement from the newly-crowned champ-champ and where it places him in a number of increasingly relevant conversations he has been able to insert his name into as part of a long-form article that can be read here.

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