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Manager Believes Winner Of Pettis/Diaz Will Fight Conor McGregor Next

Abraham Kawa believes that the UFC are setting up the winner of UFC 241’s Anthony Pettis vs. Nate Diaz for a showdown against Conor McGregor.

And when you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

Conor, as of right now, is nursing an injury to his primary weapon, the left-hand, and with the lightweight title up for grabs for the winner of the UFC 242 main-event between the champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and the streaking challenger Dustin Poirier.

Both Pettis and Diaz are recognizable names in the modern landscape of the sport and in many ways, both would be perfect opponents for Conor’s return in the grand scheme of the lightweight division.

Nate has recently said that he is through with making the cut to 155lbs, but even with that being the case, who knows how things could play out if the UFC wave enough money in his general direction.

Pettis, who has been a career 155lb-r who had a brief but ill-fated run as a featherweight, would no doubt be perfectly-suited for a lightweight blockbuster.

Speaking in a recent interview with MMAJunkie, Kawa explained his thoughts on the Pettis/Diaz fights and how the victory over the former Ultimate Fighter winner may bode well for his fighter prospects of getting a shot at McGregor.

“Even Conor fighting Khabib, I don’t think that’s the fight. I actually don’t want to see that fight right now. Maybe after a while, yes. But right now I think Conor vs. Anthony is the fight. I’m looking at it as (if) Anthony beats Nate, and I think Conor is next on the horizon.”

“He has a following, he has a name, he’s one of the OG’s of the sport, and I take nothing away from Nate. To get Nate to get up in the morning and say that’s the dude I want to fight, I think we’re going to see fireworks.

“We’ve seen Anthony vs. ‘Cowboy’, and now we’ll see Anthony vs. Nate. They genuinely don’t like each other. They genuinely don’t see eye to eye, and they’re two guys that are going to come forward and throw. The better man is going to win, and I think if Anthony does what he’s supposed to do, he will win.

“I think next in line should be Conor. I don’t think there should be anyone else.”

Who knows what Dana and co. are thinking right now but there are quite a lot of pieces in play at 155lb at the moment and while Pettis/Diaz will be contested at welterweight, these two guys most certainly have unfinished business in the sea of sharks that is the lightweight ranks.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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