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Kiefer Crosbie Reflects On DQ Loss, Reveals Bellator Dublin Opponent

Kiefer Crosbie spoke to the media during the official Bellator Dublin press conference and explained his thoughts on the first defeat of his career at Bellator 224 in Oklahoma.

Crosbie’s US debut seemed to be going according to plan and upon hurting his opponent Mike Jackson on the feet, the finish seemed to be something of an inevitability as the Irishman moved in for the kill.

Unfortunately, as he was edging further towards the final blow, an illegal knee to the downed Jackson caused the referee to call the fight there and then, declaring it a DQ – handing BDK the first loss of his professional career.

It was clear directly after the fight that Kiefer had realised his mistake and in today’s Bellator Dublin press conference, he doubled down on the fact that he made an error.

With that being said, he made it clear that he considers the fight to be a win on his record – even if the sport’s rules ren

“Who faceplanted the canvas? I didn’t get touched in that fight. He took about 36 elbows to the head and then he just faceplanted the canvas like someone just shot him. He hammed it up and milked it big-time.

“There was nothing wrong with them. I know I fucked up and hit him with a knee to the head and I owned up to that straight away. But at the end of the day, we’re fighters here. You could knee me in the face and break my nose and I’d stand up and I’d fight on like a proper fighter, like a man.

“He stayed down. His corner told him to stay down. He b**ched out. He took a big dive. It’s the equivalent of a footballer getting clipped on the ankle and jumping over and acting like a drama queen.

“If he wants a rematch, no problem, I’ll knock him out legally next time. If he wants that to happen, he can take thirty more elbows to the side of the head but to be honest, there’s probably no point in having a rematch with him.

“He’s another nobody. I’m undefeated still in a real fight. If there’s rules involved, ok, I fucked up.”

With a wry smile, Crosbie went on to apologize to the promotion – citing a ‘miscommunication’ that caused this minor setback.

“Sorry Bellator I didn’t mean to do that. I thought they said PRIDE rules backstage, I wasn’t listening. If that was in Japan they would have applauded me.”

Kiefer also confirmed that he will be fighting Lawrence Fitzpatrick on Bellator Dublin on September 27 at 160lbs and gave kudos to his opponent shortly after.

“Myles Price b**ched out, it was supposed to be him. He doesn’t want to have a part of this so I’m fighting a bloke from Liverpool, Lawrence Fitzpatrick.

“6-2. Solid lad. Well-rounded. I don’t know much about him but he has been around a long time and yeah, I can’t wait to get in and have another knock in my hometown. It’s the best place on the planet to fight. There’s no fight like an Irish fight.

“The 3Arena will be rocking as usual and I can’t f**king wait to make that walk again, tuck my chin, ball up my fists, and just have a proper scrap off another tough lad.”

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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Author: Cillian Cunningham

Lead mixed martial arts writer who can be contacted at [email protected]