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Khabib On Conor McGregor – “I Want To Change His Face”

Khabib Nurmagomedov vows to do some serious damage to Conor McGregor when they inevitably meet inside the UFC octagon.

It does seem as though things are slowly gathering momentum this week since Conor left the Brooklyn courts a free man last Thursday. And while nothing concrete has yet been revealed by either party, with McGregor now free to sign and fight – fans are expecting that we’ll get an announcement sooner rather than later.

If you ever needed some extra proof that Khabib is one scary individual then look no further.

Speaking while attending UFC Calgary in support of his teammates, the undefeated Russian was a picture of calm as he described to the media how he wishes to punish Conor McGregor for his actions of late.

Now describing their beef as ‘personal’, ‘The Eagle’ had this to say on his plans for the Irishman.

“I can believe we are going to fight. I want this guy so I can make him humble, to teach him.

“Not only to smash him, to change his face – I want to change his face.

“Of course when I change his face I will change his mind too.

“This is what I want.”

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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