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Khabib Believes The UFC Had A Hand In April Bus Attack

Khabib Nurmagomedov recently entertained the possibility that the UFC had at least some hand in the events of the UFC 223 media day.

Speaking to Ariel Helwani on ESPN, Khabib explained how the UFC had asked him repeatedly to be alone and away from his teammates during the UFC 223 media-day, something that had caused the Russian to consider their possible involvement in what eventually went down.

“If you needed to find me, why did you come with a camera and 30-40 people? You know what’s interesting? Before the media-day, the UFC came to me and said ‘hey, you’re going to go [to the media day] alone’ when before I could go with all of my brothers.

“So I think, why do I have to go alone? So I come alone – and then what happened? I think maybe the UFC made this too. Why could I go with all of my brothers on my last media day – when I fight with Barboza?

“But this time, the UFC told me ‘hey, you have to go alone’ – two or three times they called. ‘Tomorrow, you go only alone’ and I ask can I bring someone with me. Ali [Abdelaziz] was going to go and one more guy.

“I don’t understand this. For me this is a very big question.”

When asked by Helwani if he believed that the UFC were trying to set him up, Nurmagomedov continued on to say:

“I don’t know, I don’t know. But this is a crazy situation. You can watch videos like Embedded or other videos – we [my team] all the time move together.

“But that day, everybody [else] had to stay at the hotel. I go alone with one guy, what happens? They come with 30 people.

“This is a big, big question.”

I mean, when you think about it, Conor was able to cut and invaluable promo as a result of the events of the UFC 223 media day so who knows, there may well be some weight to what Nurmagomedov is suggesting.

Either way, he still has a fight on his hands on Saturday night.

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