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Kavanagh: McGregor Would Really Have To Convince Me To Corner Him Again

John Kavanagh gave his take on the future of Conor McGregor in a fantastic new interview with The Independent’s Paul Kimmage.

It seems as though there’s always a certain sense of uncertainty surrounding the fighting future of Conor McGregor these days.

The level of wealth he has been able to accumulate over the last four years is something that many believe could become a major incentive for him to hang up his gloves for good.

Nobody has been able to achieve what he has inside and outside of the octagon in certain respects but for him to step away from the sport at the most marketable point in his career could also see him miss out on so many competitive and financial opportunities.

Speaking to Kimmage in his latest feature piece, SBG Ireland coach John Kavanagh expressed the fact that he isn’t exactly sure what Conor’s plan for the future is.

Perhaps even more interesting was that he revealed that he isn’t willing to corner Conor without being convinced that the fight is the correct move for his career and well-being.

“Honestly? I don’t know. Will he fight again? I don’t know.

“I know him as a person and know that coming off two losses – even though one was boxing – will be hard for him. But he’s 30, two kids, and has a big whiskey deal that’s making him more money than fighting ever did.

“Would you get up in the morning to be punched in the face? I don’t think so. But he’ll probably call me tomorrow and say: ‘What did you say that for? I’m fighting in March.’ So I don’t know.

“Well, he would certainly have to convince me to go again.”

Pressed to elaborate, Kavanagh doubled down, making it clear that he would have no issue with leaving Conor to his own devices if he felt that he was fighting in a bout that just did nothing for him.

“Yeah, I love him. I love the whole journey we’ve had but I’d need a good ‘why’. It might be Diaz again because he promised that fight. It might be a rematch with Khabib. But if it was just: ‘Well, they want me to fight that guy’ I think I’d say, ‘I wish you the best.’

“It would but again, I’ll come back to my reasoning. He has a wife and two kids now and I don’t want him taking more hits than he needs to.

“Khabib hit him with a punch in that fight that he has never been hit with in his career. And even Superman slows down at some stage.”

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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