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José Aldo Lays Out Plan To Retire From Mixed Martial Arts In 2019

The legendary former UFC featherweight champion José Aldo has confirmed that 2019 will be his last year in mixed martial arts.

Aldo certainly falls under that bracket of fighters who have nothing left to prove in this sport. For years he reigned atop both the WEC and UFC featherweight division – beating each and every contender to his throne until he eventually met his maker.

In combat sports you always do.

Now, with a showdown against Renato Moicano set for February 3 in Brazil, José made the admission that his minutes inside the octagon are numbered.

Speaking to the media during a recent interview in Rio De Janeiro, Aldo broke down his plan to fight three times in 2019 before hanging up his gloves for good in front of a crowd of his people.

“I want to end my career here in Brazil. That’s what we have planned. I want to do these three fights… I’ll fight in Fortaleza now, and I’m already negotiating my next one for May, if I’m not mistaken in Curitiba, and then finish it in the second semester, which I know will have another event in Brazil.”

”There’s no reason to get here and aim for a title fight. But you can be sure that I’ll be a problem for whoever gets in front of me because I will win these three fights. You can be sure of this.”

”I want to finish well and be healthy as well. One thing I said in my last fight is that I want to [retire] tomorrow and not use my money to buy my health back. Today I give away my health to make my money, so I won’t do that.

”I want to enjoy my daughter, my wife, be able to travel, without fighting until I’m 40. I see our great idols doing that and having bad performances… I always tell ‘Dede’ [Pederneiras], if one day I’m not in my rhythm in terms of performance, take me out of there because it’s not for me to be in there anymore. I don’t want to fight for money. I’ve planned my entire life so I could stop [fighting] without any problem.”

His long-time coach Dede Pederneiras followed him up by stating that Aldo went into negotiations with the intention of giving his country the final year of his career.

“We asked them to complete Aldo’s contract fighting in Brazil so he could give the final three fights of his career to the Brazilian fans here. That’s his will, that’s what he asked Dana [White], and apparently that’s what’s going to happen.”

Cillian Cunningham

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