Masvidal Promises To Wipe ‘Bug’ Edwards Off The Face Of The Earth

UFC welterweight contender Jorge Masvidal has given us an update on the current standing of his ongoing negotiations with the UFC.

Upon being asked by a member of the press about the promotion’s business relationship with Masvidal, UFC president Dana White was characteristically blunt in his response, playing down rumours linking Jorge to a showdown with the superstar Conor McGregor.

“You can’t make ultimatums. Listen, we’re going to offer him a fight, and if he accepts the fight, he does and if he doesn’t, he doesn’t.”

It would seem as though White and Masvidal have reached something of a rough patch in their negotiations due to the barbed nature of both the original comments and those that followed shortly after.

Speaking in a recent interview with MMA Fighting. Gamebred claimed that the UFC had, in fact, indicated to him that there will be several options for him to choose from within the welterweight title race.

“We could have the next title shot, the winner of Colby and Usman. And there’s other fights that [the UFC has] in mind. I’m excited for the options that they’ve given me; we’re going to narrow them down a little bit more.

“It would have to exceed expectations by a large number for me not to fight for the title. I’ve been trying to get the title for 16 years now. That’s a lot of summers, a lot of nights, a lot of winners, a lot of running while it’s raining, sleeping in cars, sleeping in the gym, living in different houses. It’s been a long road. I want to get compensated for this incredibly long road.”

“The UFC hasn’t put a contract in front of my face with Leon’s anything, because they know we’re not about petty sh-t. We’re only looking up.

“16 years I’ve been chasing this dream of getting the belt. You think I’m gonna let some f-cking bug like this guy even slightly throw me off my road, my destiny toward my greatness, toward the belt? I’m gonna get the belt and I’m going to eliminate him off the face of the Earth. I’m gonna wipe the floor with that guy. It’s going to happen. I swear to you, it’s going to happen. It’s just not gonna be on his terms.”

As a consequence of his growing status as a superstar, Masvidal has been pegged by many as a fighter who could well prove himself to be something of a draw from the company before long.
Vicious knockout victories over blossoming stars Darren Till and Ben Askren were enough to see Jorge completely hijack their momentum to a certain – a run of wins that in many ways proves that Jorge is entering his prime years as an athlete within the sport.

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Author: Cillian Cunningham

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