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Jordan Burroughs Unphased By Ben Askren Ahead Of Monday Clash

Jordan Burroughs spoke to us here at Pundit Arena about his upcoming wrestling match against Ben Askren at Beat The Streets NYC on Monday.

The first entry to this three-part feature saw Burroughs discussing his public spat with the former UFC title-challenger Chael Sonnen. That piece can be read in full here.

Our conversation was one that touched on many subjects but among the main things Jordan was excited to talk about was HowUdish, an app designed to give its users a direct insight into the eating habits and diets of their favourite athletes – while helping them find dishes that are suited to their tastes and nutritional lifestyle.

Of course, Burroughs had quite a bit to say on the subject of Ben Askren – a fellow wrestling great who he has been matched up against for a showdown at Monday’s Beat The Streets NYC.

Burroughs vs. Askren is a pairing that has been on the minds of those close to the wrestling scene for many years now. Of course, both of their timelines didn’t align for it to happen back when both were fully immersed in the sport but now, despite Askren’s status as a high-level mixed martial artist, the world will finally see these two giants collide.

Ben left wrestling behind him as he crossed over to the more multi-faceted world of mixed martial arts

And while he is certainly full of respect for the former Bellator and ONE champion, Burroughs explained why he doesn’t see Ben as a credible threat to him at this point – despite stating his belief that Askren will be in it to win it.

“I think that he’s a competitor and he wants to elevate his brand at any moment he gets an opportunity to. He was leaving the sport as I was just entering the sport. When he was an Olympian in 2008, I was just finishing up my sophomore year of college.

“He was a guy who I had watched throughout my college career. He was an icon. He was outgoing, charismatic, and a great wrestler.

“But when he left the sport, I took over.

“He doesn’t train wrestling exclusively now. I’m training only wrestling right now. I have a pretty strong advantage.”

Where Ben has taken a route into a life of training several different disciplines in the martial arts, Burroughs has been focussed on his wrestling all of this time.

As for the chances of it being an absolute whitewash for the Olympic gold-medalist, he expressed his quiet confidence that he will be too much for Askren.

“I would like to think so. I’m going to go out there and compete at the highest level and see what I can do.

“The great thing about had an opportunity to go one-on-one about a year-and-a-half ago so I am familiar with his movement and his motions.”

With that being said, Askren is no doubt a huge name within the combat sports world, one that is only growing in stature by the year – something that will prove to be beneficial for the sport of wrestling as a whole.

“This can be a pretty cool way for us both to elevate our brands. He has been out of the wrestling game for a long period of time but people in wrestling still know who he is but they haven’t seen him compete.

“He was really good when he did wrestle and with him being an MMA guy, guys who are unfamiliar with the sport, non-traditional wrestling fans who have never seen Olympic-level wrestling, there will be a lot of cross-over.

“I think it’s beneficial for both of us and I think it’s going to be a great, great, great show so regardless of the outcome of the match, I think that the buzz that we generate – the event is sold out. Wrestling doesn’t do that.”

The third and final part of our interview with Jordan Burroughs will be released next week. If you missed out part one, which dealt with the wrestler’s ongoing feud with Chael Sonnen, you can read that piece in full here.

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