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Jon Jones On Facing Daniel Cormier One Final Time

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Jon Jones has broken down the current state of his rivalry with Daniel Cormier and what he would need to fight him once again at heavyweight.

Speaking to Ariel Helwani on his ESPN show, Jones explained how he has noticed some inconsistencies in Cormier’s views on both their UFC 182 and UFC 214 meetings.

DC has often been quite straightforward about how he came up short against ‘Bones’ in both fights but according to Jon, he tailors his response to the situation.

Jones claims that USADA told him that the level of turinabol in his system was so small that it was comparable to a pinch of salt in an Olympic swimming pool.

“In some interviews, he will say ‘he beat me twice, he beat me fair and square. And then in other interviews, he’ll be like ‘did he really beat me? He had something in his system.”

“Depending on who is interviewing him, he can look like he’s being the bigger man.

“Are you going to be a man and say that I beat you. Or are you going to blame it on a pinch of salt in an Olympic swimming pool. Really? A pinch of salt is what allowed another man to knock you out in front of your family?”

As for a third and final meeting between the two, while he wasn’t exactly opposed to fighting Cormier again – he made it clear that it would take a huge offer from the UFC to convince him to take on his great rival at heavyweight.

“Is it a rivalry, though?

“I feel if the fight were to happen it would be him challenging me at light-heavyweight. Or the UFC would throw a ridiculous amount of money at us to make it happen at heavyweight.”

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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