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Johnny Walker Promises To Kick Jon Jones Out Of The 205lb Division

Streaking UFC light-heavyweight contender Johnny Walker has promised his fans that he will be the first man to defeat the divisional champion Jon Jones.

And it’s a fanbase that continues to grow with each passing fight.

By the time 2019 is through, we could well be talking about Walker as the year’s biggest breakout star and according to him, the man who finally dethrones the legendary Jon Jones.

Speaking in a recent interview with MMAWeekly, the 205lb standout explained how important a fight with Jones would be for him – citing the fact that he grew up watching

“A fight against Jon Jones is very important for me, because I watch his fights before I started training, before I know what I want from my life” Walker said. “This is part of my history. This is like a dream for me. I want a fight against him.”

“As much as I can have more experience, it’s better for me. I’m ready,” Walker said. “Maybe top five is good. Maybe two more fights before Jones. Maybe Jones will be my Christmas gift.”

Jones has shown interest in the fight in the past, citing Walker as potentially the third fighter he will fight in the near future before leaving the division behind him.

“He chose “Marreta” [Thiago Santos], Luke Rockhold and me for the third option. He chose me for the third option because I’ll kick him out of the light heavyweight division.”

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