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Joe Rogan Talks Conor McGregor’s Chances In A Fight Against Nick Diaz

How does UFC commentator Joe Rogan see a fight between Conor McGregor and Nick Diaz playing out? Well, it ain’t exactly promising for the Irishman.

The rivalry that has blossomed between the UFC’s lightweight champion Conor McGregor and the veteran Nate Diaz is among the most heated and ultimately entertaining in UFC history.

Between their first meeting at UFC 196, their thrilling rematch at UFC 202 and the ever-present comments fired back-and-forth between both parties on a regular basis, the McGregor/Diaz saga has been one that has everyone talking about their seemingly inevitable third meeting.

And while the younger Diaz brother, Nate, has been grabbing the headlines on a consistent basis recently, his older brother Nick had for years been the more established star, with him having fought everyone from the likes of Georges St-Pierre to Anderson Silva in his remarkable career.

Nick’s reign as the now-defunct Strikeforce’s welterweight champion contained some of the most thrilling fights the sport has ever known and in a recent edition of his Joe Rogan Experience podcast, the UFC’s color commentator Joe Rogan used his platform to heap praise on the elder-Diaz, something he has never shied away from doing in the past.

“Most people associate triathletes and endurance athletes and the likes like that, you don’t think of them as thugs. You think of Nick Diaz, you think of this bad motherf***er who also happens to run triathlons. He’s not some granola-crunching… he’s a street dude who knows how to fight.”

“You would think that dudes who have that type of shit-talking attitude couldn’t really fight, but they fight real good. Real technical and they have crazy endurance and discipline, which is what is really weird about it, is how much discipline they have.”

“You know, you would think that a guy who talks a lot of shit like ‘whattup motherf***er’ and ‘Stockton motherf***er’, that’s not going to be a guy who can run marathons and swim back and forth from Alcatraz but it is and that’s what’s so crazy about him.”

The cardio of the Diaz brothers is the stuff of MMA legend at this point. Their ability to outlast their opponents and outwork them through volume punching has seen them get themselves into some crazy brawls over the years but when you consider how rare it is to see either brother finished in a fight, the effectiveness of their technique is simply beyond questioning.

Rogan, not content to leave it at that, went a step further when he discussed the possibility of seeing Nick take on the UFC’s lightweight champion and biggest superstar Conor McGregor and though he has touched on this subject before, his newest take on this potentially huge hypothetical matchup does a better job at giving us his take on who would be victorious.

“Nick never fought Conor, but if Nick did fight Conor, Conor would be in a lot of trouble. Nick’s a different animal. I would say that that would be a very interesting fight.”

“A lot of people say that Nick is a lot bigger, look, Nick Diaz fought at 155lbs. He can get to 170lbs no problem. Conor has fought at 170lbs. That is the fight, or Nate.”

Rogan’s guest at the time Tony Hinchcliffe chimed in at that point with his own little piece of marketing gold.

“The shamrock versus the pot-leaf.”

It would be a fight that would pretty much sell itself and be honest, you would pay good money to see that matchup and the guaranteed circus that would precede it.

As unlikely as it may seem, the UFC have been straying ever closer to the entertainment-heavy world of say, a WWE, so who knows what the future holds for these two hot-headed superstars.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena


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Author: Cillian Cunningham

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