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Joe Rogan Breaks Down The Special Treatment Conor McGregor Is Getting From The UFC

Joe Rogan laid out some harsh truths for those who believe that the UFC will be able to take action against Conor McGregor following his now-infamous appearance at the UFC 223 media day.

Power can be an underrated asset in the sporting world and while the apparent power-struggle between Conor McGregor and the UFC has been going on for some time, the events of UFC 223’s media day hammered home some hard facts about its current standing.

The story has been over-told and over-examined at this stage but given his massive financial worth to the company, is it fair to say that the UFC are powerless if they wish to sanction McGregor?

At this stage, he doesn’t necessarily need them to bring home his paycheques and while he has always been one to push buttons, attacking a fighter bus just days out from one of the year’s biggest events is a crime that would see any other man or woman receive their marching orders.

We’ve experienced athletes who have been cut for far less.

Rogan spoke the two-time UFC light-heavyweight title challenger Alexander Gustafsson on one of the latest editions of his podcast and explained exactly how the Irishman has placed the UFC in a tricky situation.

“Switch it around; imagine if Ray Borg threw that dolly and Conor were inside. He’d be gone, his career would be over. That’s one of the more f**ked up things about this is that you know Conor is getting special treatment. He is, and that’s not good for anybody.

“Michael Chiesa, I’m sad that he got cut but Chiesa is a tough bastard, he will be fine. He is probably pissed off, will sue Conor and make a shit load of money suing him. But what if it hit Rose? The f—king world would hate him. What if Rose was blinded in one eye because of that?

“If I was Conor, I would settle every f**king thing outside of a courtroom because if he loses and he gets a felony, he’s f**ked. He probably won’t even be able to come into the country.”

Only time will tell how this latest twist in the career of the former two-weight world champion will play out, but it’s fair to say that it does appear as though the punishment will fall some distance short of fitting the crime in question.

Power is a very real thing in this game.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

Author: Cillian Cunningham

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