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Jessica Andrade Calls For Rematch With Rose Namajunas

The newly-crowned champion of the UFC strawweight division Jessica Andrade has called for an immediate rematch with her UFC 237 opponent, Rose Namajunas.

For about 95% of the UFC 237 main-event’s run-time, it really did seem like Rose was about to make a serious statement about her spot within the pound-for-pound rankings with a stunningly polished performance against an incredibly dangerous opponent.

Barely putting a foot wrong in the opening round, commentator Daniel Cormier spoke of her opening round showing as a ‘masterclass’ and all of a sudden, any doubts we were having about her mentality heading into this title-defense on Brazilian soil vanished.

And then, it was all over.

Andrade, whose pound-for-pound strength is unrivalled in women’s MMA at this point, hoisted Rose into the air and crashed her down for a slam KO.

Speaking in a recent interview with Ariel Helwani of ESPN, she expressed her respect for Namajunas after she accepted the fight in enemy territory.

“The person that I would really like to fight again would definitely be Rose. Because she did a very nice act of kindness to me by going to Rio to defend her belt — she had no obligation to do that.

“And if she ever wants to fight again for the belt, I know she’s figuring some stuff out, but if she wants to do it I’ll be happy to go to Denver and defend in her hometown the same way she did to me.”

Of course, in the direct aftermath of the fight, Thug Rose seemed to indicate that her time in the sport was through.

It takes a lot to get yourself into the mindset necessary to fight another human being in the cage and by the sound of things, the young former-champion is looking at other avenues in life.

Taking this into consideration, Andrade pointed to the UFC 238 showdown between Nina Ansaroff and Tatiana Suarez as a fight that will potentially single out the division’s top contender.

“If Rose doesn’t want to do it, probably the winner of Nina [Ansaroff] and Tatiana [Suarez] would be the most worthy of the next title fight.

“But, in the UFC you never know so I’m just training and getting ready because I know that there’s a lot of tough girls coming up very soon.”

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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Author: Cillian Cunningham

Lead mixed martial arts writer who can be contacted at [email protected]