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Jason Knight: “Artem & Paulie Were Both Scared Of Each Other”

Jason Knight, who, of course, shared the ring with Artem Lobov for their brutal BKFC 5 showdown, explained his disappointment with the BKFC 6 headliner. 

The fight wasn’t exactly the thriller that welcomed Lobov into the sport alongside Knight but in many ways, the shock that came about from Artem upsetting the odds sent even greater tremors through the world of combat sports.

In many ways, the bout was something of an anti-climax and according to Lobov’s old rival, Knight, there were psychological factors in play that prevented either man from fighting to his best.

Speaking in a recent interview following his appearance at the BKFC event, Knight explained how he saw two men who seemed to be afraid of one another in there on Saturday night.

“I saw two fighters that were both kind of scared of each other. Paulie was just a little more scared than Artem was,” Knight said. “Paulie was scared to f*cking death.

“And Artem, he wanted to play it safe, I don’t blame him. The guy is supposed to be a way better boxer than you, you’re supposed to play it safe. All Artem had to do was take that fight away and he did.”

“Paulie’s soft and we proved it tonight. The only reason that you saw Artem fight so hard in that last fight is because Jason Knight was there. This fight wasn’t nearly as exciting as it was last time.” (via MMAFighting)

Knight himself is gearing up to take on an iconic action fighter in his next bareknuckle outing, the legendary Leonard Garcia, a man who is known for his incredibly aggressive fighting style – something he showed best during his 2010 WEC classic against Chan Sung Jung.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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