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Jared Cannonier Beats Anderson Silva By Leg-Kick TKO In First Round

Jared Cannonier managed to upset the fiery Brazilian crowd with a first-round leg-kick TKO of the legendary former champion Anderson Silva.

Cannonier entered the octagon on the night with quite the warm welcome from those faithful to the icon he was about to face but once the fight began, it didn’t appear as though the occasion was getting to him.

The fight, while it lasted, was competitive, as Anderson slowly shook off his patented slow start with a selection of effective kicks to the body.

Cannonier was unphased from the get-go, though, peppering the leg of Silva with several hard and consistent leg-kicks – ones that the Brazilian did little to check or evade.

Eventually, the fight-ending sequence came as the pressuring Silva was cracked with a solid kick to his right-leg, lumping him to the canvas, where thankfully, referee Herb Dean was able to call the fight to a halt before any more shots were dealt.

Was it entirely a result of several well-timed and well-placed leg-kicks or a consequence of Silva’s advancing age and the strain on his body?

The answer was likely somewhere in the middle. But all in all, Cannonier managed to earn himself the biggest win of his career against a dangerous opponent by utilising the correct gameplan.

He certainly managed to rub the home support up the wrong way in the direct aftermath, though.

It was pretty distressing to see the former champion Silva limping out of the cage for the second time in his career.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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