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Ferguson/Cerrone Gets An Astonishingly Good Promo

Tony Ferguson’s UFC 238 clash against Donald Cerrone now has an incredibly good promo, one that rightfully names it as ‘The People’s Main-Event’.

It was the fight that absolutely no-one saw coming, a showdown between two of the most game fighters the UFC lightweight division has ever known.

Not only was the announcement completely out of the left-field but also, the date of the fight was far closer than anyone could have been envisioned.

Cerrone had literally fought and defeated Al Iaquinta over five rounds in the UFC Ottawa headliner about six days prior to the unveiling of the fight with El Cucuy.

Who knows exactly how long it took him to take the fight.

Tony Ferguson, on the other hand, rebounded from a brutal injury to his LCL back in April of 2018, recovering in a ridiculously quick space of time to take on the former divisional champion Anthony Pettis at UFC 229.

Of course, he was forced to deal with some well-documented personal struggles over the last few months – issues he has seemingly been able to overcome. Now, he has been officially cleared to fight and will take on Cerrone on June 8.

The UFC have tapped into the buzz surrounding this fight, creating a phenomenal new promo that highlights exactly how perfect this matchup is.

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