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Eddie Alvarez Vs. Dustin Poirier II Gets A Fiery New Promo

UFC Calgary is about as stacked a fight-card as you could ever hope for and in its main-event, we’re getting treated to an absolutely incredible rematch.

Eddie Alvarez really did look as though he was about to be finished by his UFC 211 opponent Dustin Poirier in the third-round of their first meeting but against all odds, he managed to recover.

Firing back against ‘The Diamond’ with everything he had left in the tank, Alvarez managed to hurt Poirier quite badly before – in the heat of the moment – hitting him with a pair of illegal knees, something that caused the fight to be declared as a ‘no-contest’.

It’s hard to know what would’ve happened had the fight continues without said illegal shots, though.

Alvarez certainly seemed to be piling on the pressure but there was no way for us to know exactly how much the damage he had already taken would affect him going forwards, Poirier could have landed one more to end his night.

Thankfully, the UFC saw how exhilarating a contest their first engagement was and rebooked it to headline their return to Calgary this weekend and below – you can watch a fantastic new promo detailing the pair’s rivalry.

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