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Dillon Danis Has A Completely Ludicrous Theory On Why UFC 209’s Ticket Sales Have Been Poor

Dillon Danis is slowly becoming known just as much for his loud-mouth as he is for his unquestionable skill in the realms of Brazilian jiu-jitsu but this latest claim may well be his most ridiculous yet.

Dillion Danis is the 23-year-old training partner of the UFC’s lightweight champion Conor McGregor and a man whose name has been in the headlines pretty frequently recently, but perhaps not always for the right reasons.

Danis is a BJJ black-belt under Marcelo Garcia who was brought in to the McGregor-camp for his rematch with Nate Diaz at UFC 202 to tighten up his defensive jiu-jitsu and since then, has formed something of a bond with the Irishman, cornering him at both the aforementioned Diaz bout as well as his most recent tussle with Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205.

In recent times, Danis has made a point of publicly calling out both Jon Jones and Nate Diaz and with an eye on making the switch to MMA in the near future, he seems set on garnering himself as much notoriety as possible before he makes his debut.

Now, with UFC 209 just around the corner, Danis – who is known for his braggadocious and outspoken antics – has possibly made his most preposterous claim yet in a tweet sent out last night, one focussed on the upcoming event’s reportedly poor ticket sales.

It’s hard to know exactly how serious Danis is in his beliefs but a quick scroll through his official Twitter page would indicate that his self-belief and outspokenness are only growing in their prominence as he becomes an increasingly more relevant figure in combat sports.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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Author: Cillian Cunningham

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