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Darren Till’s Coach Unsure About Middleweight, Cites Terrible Diet As Issue

Darren Till’s coach Colin Heron has expressed some uncertainty about his fighter’s seemingly inevitable move to 185lbs – citing the Liverpudlian’s poor diet.

Last seen in action in a losing effort against the surging Jorge Masvidal that saw him sparked out cold in his own country – the questions that have lingered around his future have been widespread – with some even going as far as to doubt his ability to rebound.

That loss to Gamebred really was as ugly a KO as you’re likely to see this year.

Masvidal peppered the chin of Till with increasing regularity as the fight went on – something that no doubt increased the eventual impact of the finishing combo he landed.

Speaking in a recent interview with ESPN, Heron explained how Till fighting at middleweight will not remedy one of the biggest issues that has plagued his career for years.

“The obvious answer is, ‘He has a tough weight cut and needs to go up,’ correct? What people don’t see is the lifestyle between fights. It’s hard for me to make correct decisions, until I see a fighter, especially Darren, walking around lean between fights.

“Here’s the problem with Darren Till, and it’s no secret: He eats s—. As disciplined as he is in the gym, between fights, he will eat the most amount of s— you’ve ever seen in your life. … The fact of the matter is he will probably be a middleweight, but whether it’s now or later, I don’t know.

“My only concern is he goes up to middle(weight), and that will give him the license to eat more. Then we end up with just as big of a cut, but with bigger consequences in the actual fight. So, I would like to get him lean and then make a decision.”

Regardless of what he does next, Till is certainly at something of a crossroads in his career.

Young enough to make a change, for sure, but after being beaten soundly in brutal fashion in his last two fights, one would have to assume that something drastic will be needed to see The Gorilla return to anything resembling the form he had previously found himself in during his original run.

Whether that happens at 170lbs or 185lbs, is anyone’s guess at this point.

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Author: Cillian Cunningham

Lead mixed martial arts writer who can be contacted at