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Daniel Cormier Contemplates His Inevitable Retirement Ahead Of UFC 241

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Daniel Cormier took a moment during his UFC 241 fight-week preparations to openly contemplate his retirement from the sport of mixed martial arts. 

We are now just a few days away from one of the year’s biggest fight-cards, a truly phenomenal night of fights that will likely serve up a memorable showcase for some of the UFC’s finest fighters in Anaheim, California.

Speaking in a recent interview with MMAFighting, the heavyweight champion of the world and UFC 241 headliner Daniel Cormier gave his take on his inevitable retirement and how his focus remains entirely fixated on his UFC 241 opponent Stipe Miocic – regardless of what the future may hold.

“My head is on this fight. We just go one at a time at this point. Because for a champion and a guy that’s been around and been a champion for a long time, at a point you start making such amazing amounts of money and the fame level is so high, people struggle to walk away.

“The problem with that is ultimately you’ve seen the door. It’s whether you get shown the door or you choose to walk out. That’s what I have to decide.”

DC will no doubt be in for one of the toughest fights of his life next Saturday when he takes on the former-champion in the show’s main-event.

Miocic remains one of the greatest fighters on the planet and the most decorated heavyweight champion in UFC history and in his first clash with the reigning divisional king, he was able to have more than enough strong moments to suggest that a rematch could go completely differently.

Though Cormier has shown no signs of slowing down inside the octagon, with his 40th birthday now having passed, there truly is the sense that the former Olympian’s day in the sport are numbered.

“I’ve long said I don’t want to be a guy that goes out on my back. A lot of our greatest champions they leave the sport on their back. They leave as former champions. They leave their fans with that last vision of their favorite fighter on their back, [then] standing in the middle of the Octagon while their belt is getting strapped on someone else. I don’t want to be that guy.

“I want to be a guy that goes out on his own terms. I know that as you turn 40 years old, that time starts to near. I just have to decide if that time is now or a little bit later down the line.”

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