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Daniel Cormier Picks His Two Fellow G.O.A.T’s

Daniel Cormier has named the two fighters he believes deserve to be mentioned alongside him the greatest of all-time discussion.

Cormier was the betting underdog going into his UFC 226 matchup with the heavyweight but even though it was a tight contest to call, virtually no one expected him to prevail in the manner that he did.

KO’ing the KO-artist Stipe Miocic in the very first-round, the former-Olympian managed to solidify his legend past his role as a bit-part in the Jon Jones story.

With Jones now sidelined after his issues with USADA, his great rival Cormier has made it clear that problems with any anti-doping agency will tarnish your reputation beyond repair.

Speaking on a recent edition of a Slip ‘n Dip Podcast, DC stated his belief that both Jones and the former-middleweight champion Anderson Silva should be exempt from the always-relevant G.O.A.T conversation.

“Demetrious [Johnson], Georges St-Pierre, these guys have none of these bad things tied to their names and these are the guys I should share the conversation with.”

“I’ve never had any negatives and I’ve never had to go in front of any commission and explain why my test came up messed up. That’s why I should be in the conversation because I’ve done things the correct way.

“I’ve been tested by USADA since 2001 and I’ve never once had anything come up. It’s really not that hard to not test positive. Whether it be tainted supplements or anything else. You just don’t cheat. Don’t cheat and you don’t fail the test. It’s really not that hard.”

Johnson and GSP are both still active fighters in the UFC (well technically, in the case of GSP) and while DJ certainly has a shot at dual-weight champion status there waiting for him if he wishes to take it – to date, he hasn’t exactly made the push to return to bantamweight.

St-Pierre, on the other hand, managed to clinch the middleweight strap with a soon-to-be-legendary comeback after three-and-a-half years on the sidelines, joining DC as one of the few fighters to win titles in two weight-classes.

It’s a debate that may not ever see a unanimously agreed upon answer emerge but even still, there is no doubt that Cormier has managed to put himself right in that conversation following his heroics at UFC 226.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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