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Daniel Cormier Offers Advice To Thiago Santos Ahead Of Jones Clash

Thiago Santos received some advice from Daniel Cormier ahead of the biggest and toughest fight of his career up until this point.

And to be honest, like most fights including the dominant champion, many are writing off the contender before the octagon doors have even closed.

Even Cormier himself, one of the greatest fighters to have ever laced up gloves, has more or less failed to trouble Jones over the course of the eight rounds he has spent in there with him.

Speaking to MMAJunkie in a recent interview, Cormier tried to hammer home the fact that Santos needs to clear out his mind and just do exactly what got him to the dance in the first place.

“I think Santos needs to go in there and fight his fight. Don’t think about what he has to do different than everybody else, what he needs to do to be better. Just fight your fight.

“Don’t worry about all that other stuff. All that other stuff is just white noise. Worry about Thiago Santos and give yourself a chance. It’s a tall order for him. It’s gonna be a tough fight for him.”

Cormier had the opportunity to see the two men standing face-to-face recently and after seeing and comparing them, he admits that the size difference may be an issue for the Brazilian.

“I saw them standing face to face the other day, and I thought Santos was a little bigger. And he’s not as tall as I thought he was. And I think he’ll realize early how difficult it is to deal with Jones’s length.”

Of course, the technical edge that Jones has over literally every fighter in the sport is quite evident at this point but as we all know, power is the one true difference-maker in combat sports and if Santos can find his target, eternal glory awaits him.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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