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Dana White To Officially Launch ‘Zuffa Boxing’ In October

UFC president Dana White is reportedly set to launch his own venture into the world of boxing promotion, Zuffa Boxing, in September. 

Of course, Dana has been a fan of the sport of boxing long before his days as the world’s premier promoter in the sport of mixed martial arts and yet, despite nearly two decades in the game, this will stand as his first real dip into the art that originally saw him attracted to the fight-business.

Mike Coppinger of The Athletic reported first that White has hired a yet-to-be-named person to run his venture into the sweet science.

Not much else is known about this development but it is interesting to note that the title ‘ZUFFA boxing’ is referred to as an unofficial name.

While the divide that exists between MMA and boxing has seen its fair share of jabs exchanged on both sides, in recent times, the boxing community have certainly voiced their appreciation for the no-bulls**t manner in which White and co. make fights happen when they need to.

Of course, boxing has experienced its rough patches in the last few years and with several blockbuster fights resulting in incredibly questionable decisions and the immeasurable amount of bouts that we have been deprived of due to external politics, perhaps Dana will have the answer and provide a middle-ground that will quell some of the long-standing complaints that have been circulating.

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Author: Cillian Cunningham

Lead mixed martial arts writer who can be contacted at [email protected]