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Dana White Creates The Perfect Fighter From The UFC Roster’s Past & Present

In a BBC radio appearance made just prior to Saturday’s UFC London, Dana White had a stab at creating the ultimate mixed martial artist, with him taking pieces of several athletes who have competed in the promotion in the past.

Mixed martial arts is such a wide and multi-faceted game that the idea of a ‘perfect fighter’ just seems too far-fetched to ever see in real-life. You could argue that the former light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones was as close to perfection as we ever got, but even still, the demons that followed him outside of the octagon hindered his progress dramatically.

You might find the perfect grappler or the masterful striker but with such a short amount of time to work within your athletic prime, finding a balance can prove to be the downfall of even the finest of competitors.

Dana White joined the BBC MMA Show podcast during his trip to England for Saturday’s UFC London and partook in a game where he himself had to create his ideal UFC athlete, using parts of some of the game’s most iconic superstars.

“I would take the fists of Chuck Liddell. Chuck Liddell had knockout power in both hands. He never wanted to go to the ground, he just wanted to stand and knock you out.

“I’ll take Mirko Cro Cop’s feet. He had a head kick that if he even grazed you, he would knock you out.

“This is probably going to surprise some people but if I had to pick a chin, I would probably take Jon Jones. Jon Jones fought all the best at 205lb, which was the most dangerous weight division in the history of this sport. He fought of all the best on the way up and defended his title against the best. He was never rocked or fazed by anyone’s punch, kick, knee or anything

“I’m going to give the best fight IQ to Conor McGregor. McGregor is very, very smart when it comes to fighting – he’s very good at breaking down his opponents. He basically tells you how he’s going to beat them. Not only does he tell you exactly how he’ll beat his opponent, he’ll even pick the round sometimes. 

“There’s obviously a lot of guys and girls who have fought in the UFC who have a tonne of heart, but if I had to pick one guy or girl right off the top of my head, I’d take Frankie Edgar’s heart.He’s been around for a long time. Never, ever has he fought in his own weight class. The kid should have been fighting at a much smaller weight. He was a champion at 155lb, and he’s fought the absolute best in the world. I’d take his heart.

“I think would take Michael Bisping’s mouth. Michael Bisping talks so much trash. He’s very smart, funny, calculated in the things that he says. I’d go with Bisping.”

Perhaps a few controversial selections with that one, but I suppose – just like anything else – it’s each to their own and in the case of Dana White, there aren’t many out there who are as well-qualified to give their take on the fight-game.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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Author: Cillian Cunningham

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