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Dana White: “Anyone Who Scored Fight To Santos Should Never Judge Again”

Dana White had some harsh words for anyone who was calling ‘robbery’ after Jon Jones retained his UFC light-heavyweight title in the UFC 239 main-event.

The fight stood as one of the toughest of Jones’ career to date and the first time in his entire eleven year run that an opponent had been able to steal the fight from him on even one of the scorecards.

Speaking during his official post-fight press conference, UFC president Dana White explained how shocked he was to hear that the fight was called as a win for the Brazilian in the eyes of one of the cage-side judges – stating the following.

“On a night where there’s record-breaking knockouts and knockouts of people who have never been knocked out before and things like that, the fans want to see the crazy s**t.

“It’s not the most popular way to win, but he won the fight. I had Jon Jones winning that thing easily. When I heard it was a split-decision I was like, ‘What the … ? That’s nuts!”

“So yeah, he won the fight.”

Then, in a later interview with ESPN‘s Okamoto, he then doubled down on his stance, dropping the below line before explaining his thoughts in greater detail.

“Anyone who scored that fight to Santos is out of their mind, you should never judge a fight again.

“Jon Jones controlled the whole fight, walked him down, controlled the pace of the fight, controlled everything. Jon Jones moved forward. At the end, you could tell that Jon was hurt too – his legs were busted up.

“He had to be carried out of the octagon but he absolutely won that fight.

“I thought that Jon completely dominated that fight and I’m not thinking about a rematch.”

It’s best to take the UFC president’s words with a pinch of salt in this case. Jones is, of course, one of the most bankable stars in the sport and this is likely just a case of Dana protected his asset but all in all, the UFC 239 saw Jon pushed more than anyone could have suspected going into the event.

What he does next, as a result, will be incredibly intriguing for the overall trajectory of his career.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena


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