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Cormier Unafraid Of Ngannou Challenge, Would Take Fight Without Hesitation

Daniel Cormier has expressed his interest in a fight with Francis Ngannou but think it’s unlikely that a bout between them would be overly competitive.

Stipe Miocic was the first to truly exploit some glaring holes in the approach of Ngannou back at UFC 220, a card that Cormier also featured on.

Of course, Miocic went on to lose to DC while Ngannou’s run of form of late has been terrifying, but now, despite already holding a phenomenal win over the former champ – Cormier believes that a second victory will do great things for his legend.

Speaking to TSN’Aaron Bronsteter over the weekend, DC explained how the challenge presented him by his UFC 241 test, Stipe Miocic, will be something that could well solidify his legacy even further.

“This is a guy that defended the heavyweight title more than anyone in history and if I can beat him twice, that just further cements my legacy in the sport. As I’ve said for a long time, legacy matters to me and everything right now is just me building on that.

“This could be it. This could be my last fight. Money could convince me to fight longer, but this could be it for me.”

And although his ties to the 205lb champ Jon Jones are now stronger than ever, Cormier seems to think that the powerful contender Francis Ngannou is a man who could well share the octagon with him before all is said and done.

Even with his admiration for The Predator in mind, DC doubts that the Cameroonian will have enough in him to handle the type of fight that he himself will be able to make it, a style that in many ways plays into his game more than it did with the man who dominated Francis at UFC 220, Stipe Miocic.

“I think he’s a great guy. I like Francis, he’s very respectful. But I think everybody now has to take a step back because nothing has changed. This is the same thing that we saw prior to his title fight. Just remember that. You guys have to slow down. You get excited and you fall in love with these knockouts but nothing has changed.

“He did that to Overeem to earn a title fight. He knocked out all those guys prior. Nothing has changed. So as much as I respect him, it’s not a fight that I would have much hesitation in taking.

“Nothing’s changed. He beat Cain in 25 seconds – which is crazy to me – he beat Junior in a minute and 5 seconds – which is crazy to me – and he beat Curtis Blaydes in about a minute. So he’s fought three minutes total. What happens at minute seven and minute eight and minute nine and minute 10 when a guy’s just dragging on him and grinding on him and making all that muscle blow up? That’s a big guy.

“Everybody loves the physical guy, the big, strong, bulging muscles, but at the end of the day, oxygen has to pass through that and when you start to wear at that, those guys get tired and I think Francis would have to have made some wholesale changes to change everything and I’m not exactly sure what we’ve seen recently to prove that anything has changed.”

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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Author: Cillian Cunningham

Lead mixed martial arts writer who can be contacted at [email protected]