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Colby Covington On How A Fight Between Tyron Woodley And Him Would Go Down

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The no. 3-ranked welterweight contender in the world broke down exactly how a fight between himself and champ would go if it ever happens.

Colby Covington first made his name known to the MMA community at large when his completely one-sided attack on the former-lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos went completely ignored by the Brazilian upon his move to the welterweight division.

And yet, despite it amounting to nothing, Colby continued to play the bad-guy, tormenting anyone who would listen through the power of Twitter and following his UFC Sao Paulo win over Demian Maia, he may well have pushed his luck a bit too far.

Or, conversely, he may well have pulled off the finest ascent to fame of the year.

Now, despite some pretty edgy comments directed at the Brazilian fans who attended his fight with the grappling legend Maia, Covington’s stock has never been higher. Sure, he has managed to anger an entire nation and alienate legions of fans who perhaps could have otherwise became fans eventually but in reality, he has played the game exactly how he set out to.

Now, with him sitting in the third-ranked spot in the division, it’s feasible to say that he’s pretty much one big win away from a shot at the belt, and with the champ Tyron Woodley currently out of action due to injury, don’t be surprised in the UFC make another interim-title to bring the PPV numbers in while Woodley heals up.

Of course, Colby sees a fight with ‘the Chosen One’ in his future and in an interview on BJ Penn Radio broke the fight down in detail.

“It’s going to be Dana White and UFC having to force him to take the fight with me because at the end of the day man, he knows what happened the last time we trained. It wasn’t even competitive. He was done inside three rounds, he quit, he was dog tired. Same thing will happen in a UFC fight.

“He’s not going to make it three rounds. He won’t make it to the championship rounds because he’s a chump. He won’t make it to the championship rounds. He has no heart to fight me so I don’t think he’s going to take the fight, but you know I hope he does because I’ll be the one to retire him.

“Everybody knows that it’s the fight to make. There’s real legitimate bad blood between me and Tyron Woodley. This isn’t a promoting, this isn’t no fake stuff, this is the real thing. Me and Tyron Woodley hate each other. If I see that dude in public, it’s going to be a fist fight then and there, like I’m not holding back.

“That guy talks so much shit, saying this and that. Dude I just beat the shit out of Demian Maia ten times worse than you did and I did it in three rounds and you did it in five rounds. Dude you fought Demian Maia on four weeks notice, you didn’t even give him a training camp.”

“I gave Demian Maia three months and I still did that to him. The dude’s a fake. He knows this is my division now. He’s got nowhere to fucking run or hide anymore. I’m taking my belt.”

Tyron is one of the best fighters in the game, period, and whether you like his style or not, you can’t argue that his methodical style when coupled with his ridiculous athleticism make him a nightmare for absolutely anybody in the division.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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