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Colby Covington Accuses RDA Of Cheating In Their UFC 225 Bout

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Colby Covington has claimed that his UFC 225 opponent Rafael dos Anjos was cheating during their five-round interim-title matchup over the weekend.

Colby Covington doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Directly after his impressive showing at UFC 225 last weekend, he wasted no time in promising to deliver his newly-won belt to US President Donald Trump – something he then followed up making a bold and brash callout of the division’s champ Tyron Woodley.

With his beef with his beaten opponent Rafael dos Anjos now firmly in the rear-view mirror, many would have expected an end to the persistent jabbing that went back as far as last year but alas, with ‘Chaos’ involved, nothing can ever be that simple.

Speaking to BJ Penn Radio, Colby claimed that RDA was greasing during their encounter and that some of the takedowns he attempted were unsuccessful as a result.

“I was gonna take him down and beat him up, but my takedowns weren’t as effective because he was definitely greasing. He was 100% greased. Usually, when I get those bodylocks behind you there’s no way to slip out, but I could feel him slip out, you know. He’s just another filthy animal, cheater greaser.

“I think before the fight he was putting on the coconut butter – whatever they do – and then the baby oil. He was definitely doing it.

“I tried a couple of shots on his legs and literally my hands slipped from up on top of his leg and he was able to like slither on through.”

Genuine accusation or empty trolling, you decide, but with the eyes of the world now on him and his relentless attempt at aggravating anyone who will listen, you best get used to seeing the name ‘Colby Covington’ in your headlines.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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