Coach Explains Jon Jones’ Newfound Levels Of Motivation Heading Into 2019

Jon Jones’ striking coach Brandon Gibson has explained exactly how motivated his star-pupil to pick up some momentum heading into 2019.

205lb-r’s beware! The greatest fighter the division has ever seen is back and plans on competing three times in 2019 following his successful return after an absence that lasted nearly a year-and-a-half.

Speaking to MMAWeekly, Gibson explained how the champ is already back in the gym after his most recent victory over Alexander Gustafsson, something that was usually unheard of in his earlier days.

Jones has himself admitted that his wild social life would take precedence over his training but now, according to his coach, he does appear to be making a necessary change in order to get his career back on track.

“Jon was already in the gym this week, which was unheard of back in the day after a big win. Jon would take a sabbatical, he’d be on a beach thinking of anything but fighting. For him to be not only talking to the team after a big win, already trying to strategize for the next fight but he’s already in the gym.

“I’m actually going to go work out with him in a few hours. Jon owes it to himself, he owes it to his family, he owes it to the fans, to the UFC, to the team, to keep this momentum going.”

The idea of seeing ‘Bones’ competing on a regular basis is a pretty tantalising proposition. Whether you believe he has taken PED’s in the past is one thing but the level of performances he is able to turn in inside the octagon makes him an absolute joy to watch in action.

Gibson believes that those calling for a shot at his 205lb belt should be very worried about this new, fired-up Jones.

“I think the year leading up to when he won the title or the year he broke into the UFC, he had a lot of lot of quick turn around performances.

“I told Jon, sometimes by default you get a year and a half long camp but you know you can perform on a short turn around just as well, especially coming off the Gustafsson fight where there was no injuries. Let’s just keep this momentum going.

“Everybody’s hungry to get right back to work. Nobody wants to sit back and revel in the victory. We want to get right back to work because I agree if Jon really chooses to set this schedule as he’s envisioned, he’s going to separate himself from everybody else on this GOAT discussion if he chooses to.

“I hope it brings fear to all these contenders who want to come get some.”

While not yet confirmed, it appears as though Jon’s next bout will come in the form of a showdown with Anthony Smith – who is said to be in line to fight for the belt at UFC 235.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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