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Charlie Ward’s Opponent Questions Influence McGregor’s Presence Had On Fight’s Stoppage

John Redmond, the opponent of Conor McGregor’s sparring partner Charlie Ward last weekend, has questioned the influence the UFC lightweight champ had on his fight.

Bellator 187 over the weekend was perhaps the most widely-covered event from the promotion in some time now but despite the fact that the fights on the night delivered some scintilating action for those present in the 3Arena in Dublin, it was a man who had absolutely no business being involved who stole the headlines.

SBG Ireland’s Charlie Ward faced off against John Redmond in the night’s second fight and though the bout was evenly contested up to a point, Ward was able to pull of a thunderous KO in the very last moments of the round.

Seeing that the fight was over, the UFC’s lightweight champion Conor McGregor dove into the cage to celebrate with his teammate but apparently, referee Marc Goddard was in the process of confirming that it was indeed a knockout before the bell as McGregor jumped into the arms of the victorious Ward.

A scuffle ensued and some pushing between both Goddard, McGregor and some officials followed before Conor was escorted out of the premises. The Irish crowd, understandably, when crazy when their country’s brightest star managed to put on a show for them but many have felt as though his antics did little but steal the spotlight from the very man who should have been basking in it after the fight’s conclusion.

The controversy has been covered in extensive detail at this point but in a recent interview with MMAFighting, Ward’s opponent John Redmond gave his thoughts on the incident and the influence that the very presence of Conor McGregor may have had on the stoppage.

“We had a good fight in there and I think him jumping into the cage overshadowed the whole fight and the whole event. I don’t want to piss and moan about it. I don’t want anyone taking pity on me or anything like that.

“I didn’t get the win, but I showed I was in charge of the fight up until that big shot at the end of the round.

“I think there was a lot of panic in the ring as soon as he got in there. I think everybody was just concerned with getting him out of there as quickly as possible. Marc Goddard was going to let the fight go into the second, but then the commission seemed to overrule his decision. I think that decision was swayed because of the circus and madness that was going down at the time. It was just a mad scene. I’ve never seen anything like it.

“I think the fight was far from finished and all the madness that was going on in there didn’t help me getting a chance to go out for the second.”

Redmond wasn’t the only one who was left with something of a sour taste in his mouth following the rather ugly scenes but with his future in mind, ‘Johnny Jitzu’ believes there is only one way to put things beyond all doubt.

“I felt like I was bullying Charlie in there. He can say what he wants after the fight, but look at the footage. He took me down, I used my jiu-jitsu to get back to my feet and I felt I dominated him for the whole fight.

“I’m not trying to say that the shot didn’t catch me, but by no means was I out. It was right at the end of the round and I think I deserved to go into the second. Maybe if that madness didn’t go down I would have got that.

“A rematch is the right way to go with this and I think after all the interest our first fight generated it would be something Bellator would like to do.”

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Author: Cillian Cunningham

Lead mixed martial arts writer who can be contacted at [email protected]