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Chael Sonnen’s Interesting Theory About Dana White’s Masvidal/McGregor Comments

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Chael Sonnen might just have figured out exactly why UFC president Dana White was quick to shut down talk of a matchup between Jorge Masvidal and Conor McGregor.

White managed to catch quite a few headlines when he told TMZ that he had no interest in setting up a fight between these two men – citing the size difference between them as a major reason why it’s not on his radar.

As a real master in the art of fight-promotion, White’s words should, of course, always be taken cautiously but upon being asked about this potentially huge matchup, his answer was pretty clear.

“Masvidal is too big for Conor. Yeah, but he shouldn’t have [fought Nate Diaz at welterweight]. I hated that he did it. Not only did I hate that he did it once, I hated that he did it twice.

“He doesn’t belong at that weight. No. There’s plenty of fights for him in his weight division without Conor. He’s too big for Conor, Conor doesn’t belong at 170.

“He’s got the balls to fight at 170 but he doesn’t belong there. Hell no.”

In the wake of this development, the always-alert Chael Sonnen took to his official YouTube account to give his own take on Dana’s words and in all honesty, it’s a very, very interesting perspective.

“TMZ confronted Dana White and asked him straight up, Masvidal vs. Conor McGregor, yes or no? Dana White said, ‘no we’re not gonna do that fight. Jorge is too big for him.’ Everybody was just happy to accept that.

“Guys, guys please, please don’t miss this. The biggest fight promoter in the history of promotion just went to TMZ, one of the biggest outlets aside from ESPN itself to cover this sport on a mainstream level. He picked his words very carefully and if any of you missed this, come on!”

“‘No we’re not going to do that fight,’ is all anybody took away. They missed the second sentence of why. Because Jorge is too big.

“Do you think that’s gonna sit well with an ego like Conor McGregor? Do you think Conor McGregor does not know that Dana White just told the world that he personally believes that Jorge could beat Conor and even offered up an excuse?

“Do you think that that story was out for more than five minutes before it got to Conor and he grabbed his phone and contacted Dana to say, ‘hey you think he’s too big for me?’ I can guarantee you that message from Conor to Dana has already happened.

“That fight did not get ended on TMZ. The beginning of that fight happened through TMZ. Masvidal is already at the table. The only person who’s missing is C-Mac.

“That fight, while I’m not predicting it’s a reality because Masvidal is on the cusp of a world-title fight and McGregor is saying he isn’t going to come back until the end of 2019, if not 2020. I’m not sharing for you that this fight is what’s up next, but through the statement of the denial and the dismissal of the fight by the president – that fight has never been closer.” (via

Watch Chael’s thoughts on the UFC president’s comments below:

If you want to know how we see that fight playing out, we put together a prediction of sorts which you can read in full here.

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