Chael Sonnen: Floyd Mayweather Will Be 50-1 After The Tenshin Fight

Chael Sonnen believes that exterior forces will be working against Floyd Mayweather’s perfect record as soon as he steps into the ring with Tenshin Nasukawa.

The fight that absolutely no-one saw coming is once again confirmed to take place on New Year’s Eve it seems after a bizarre week or so where we attempted to better understand why the retired boxer Floyd Mayweather wanted to compete against RIZIN’s biggest star, Tenshin Nasukawa.

The former UFC title-challenger Chael Sonnen has a very interesting theory about the surprises that may be in store for Mayweather if he does, in fact, make the walk.

Speaking on his popular YouTube channel, Sonnen explained how Floyd will need to be wary of fighting the RIZIN cash-cow on Japanese soil.

“If Floyd gives away the first round, feeling the guy out or getting used to him. He’s only got one more round that he can give away.

“And if there’s any part of Floyd – and I believe that there is – there is some reason that he is continuing to press the narrative of an exhibition, which would make no sense to do by the world of promotion. (via Bloody Elbow)

“He’s demoting what it is he’s getting ready to go out to do.”

At this point, the bout has been supposedly put together as an exhibition boxing contest – one that shouldn’t see either man pushed to his physical limits but again, Sonnen holds some scepticism about the fight itself and the way it will go down on the night.

“If he thinks even if he has a legally written contract that it’s going to be an exhibition, meaning at the end of three rounds or at the end of nine minutes they both smile and hug and walk away, he’s wrong.

“I don’t know if Floyd knows MMA well enough to know that he’s in a fight. And the only thing that makes it real is if you’re keeping score.”

“Mark your calendars and make your bets. Floyd Mayweather will be 50-1 after this event.”

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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