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Chael Describes How Sneezing Almost Caused Cormier To Pull From UFC 230

Chael Sonnen took to his official YouTube account to describe the completely insane day that eventually led to Daniel Cormier’s UFC 230 victory over Derrick Lewis.

How on earth would they have explained this one away?

It’s hard for the fans to fully appreciate what goes on behind the scenes during a major MMA event. And while we’re always aware of the fact that it’s sure to be chaotic, nobody could have imagined how tough a day UFC 230’s headliner Daniel Cormier had before his main-event title defense.

Chael Sonnen broke down exactly what happened to the dual-weight world champion, detailing the sneeze that almost left the event without its biggest star just hours before the fight was scheduled to take place.

With his 40th birthday approaching, Cormier has spoken about his intention to retire before that day falls in March and one would hope that we’ll be able to see him at his very best every time he competes until then.

Overall, it’s a testament to DC and his ability to overcome adversity. He very nearly had to make a very big call on his inclusion on the card but thankfully, he was able to overcome the pain and get the job done.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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Author: Cillian Cunningham

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