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Bisping To DC – “You Just Told Me Off-Air That You’re Going To KO Stipe”

Michael Bisping just called Daniel Cormier out on something he told him off-air, prompting a very interesting reflection from the champ on his power at heavyweight.

Daniel Cormier will take his first heavyweight fight in years tonight as he looks to become only the second man – after Conor McGregor – to hold two UFC belts simultaneously.

Michael Bisping interviewed the 205lb champion on UFC on FOX and revealed to the world that DC had told him off-air that he intended on KO’ing his opponent Stipe Miocic.

“You just said to me off-air, ‘I’m going to knock him out’.

“Your confidence is at an all-time high but you said you’re going to knock him out? You’re not going to outwrestle him, you’re not going to submit him – you’re going to knock him out?”

Cormier did seem caught a bit off guard by his friend and colleague’s decision to bring it up but went on to explain exactly how powerful he feels – especially after coming in heavier than the champ at the official weigh-ins.

“Look man. There are some things that he does – especially when you get out of clinch positions where his hands are pretty low and that chin is way up in the air. He’s got a big ol’ face and I’m going to try and crack him upside his head.

“I used to hit guys and it would have effect on them. At 205lbs, that seemed to disappear. In sparring I’ve put guys down on five or six occasions this training camp and that’s something I haven’t done in years.

“I’ve put guys down with hands. I’ve put guys down with kicks. My strikes are now having the effect that they did when I started to fight.”

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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