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Bellator’s Brian Moore On Inspirational Irish Amateur Medal Haul

Ireland managed to take home the second-largest medal tally during this year’s IMMAFs and the inspirational performances from those who won has left many of the country’s mixed martial artists inspired, according to SBG’s Brian Moore.

Moore spoke to us here at Pundit Arena MMA about how the medal haul by the Irish amateurs has sent a real buzz throughout the country’s MMA scene, something that was perfectly timed according to the Bellator featherweight.

“I think need we needed it, to be honest. There was a bit of a lul on the scene for the last couple of months – a few disappointing decisions and whatnot.

“But I think the IMMAF’s have just recreated the buzz.

“There have been some good wins – not just from SBG, of course, from all over Ireland – but the IMMAFs have really made me proud to be an Irish mixed martial artist.”

Lee Hammond, Ger Harris, Ryan Spillane, Paddy Wilkinson, Trevor Makengo, Alexander O’Sullivan, Dee Beglin, and Patrick Lehane all managed to medal in their respective categories at both senior and junior level and out of all of the countries who entered this year, only Russia were able to find their way to the podium more frequently.

“Those boys went over there without even tracksuits on their backs and put on phenomenal displays.

“The second-biggest medal tally. Look at our population we have to pick from compared to Russia – who had the biggest tally.

“I’m just proud of the boys and the ladies who went over and did it. You can see the effort they put in. I get paid to do this, they don’t.

“It reminds me of my early days in MMA, how hungry you were to succeed with no financial backing – no financial outlet at all. Just to go out there and do it for the love of the sport and to carry that tri-colour.

“It was just amazing.”

Moore himself is currently out with injury after breaking both hands against Noad Lahat at Bellator 210 in a fight he lost on the judges’ scorecards and was the seventh fighter featured in our ongoing series Exploring Irish MMA.

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